Moc Chau Plateau: Magical in the Early Morning Mist

Moc Chau Plateau: Magical in the Early Morning Mist

Travel 120 miles northwest of Hanoi in the north of Vietnam and you will come to the Moc Chau plateau. More than one thousand metres above sea level, this picturesque steppe of green tea plantations covers the widest area grass fields in the north of the country. The climate is temperate, perfect for the tea crops. The flowers here with their pretty white blooms, make this an extremely beautiful place to visit.

In the winter months the mists roll in over night and as the dawn light creeps over the hills, the most picturesque setting comes into view. This is a mystical magical place to be when the mist is here. Wild Poinsettias grow along the roadsides, their amazing blooms giving flashes of red in the morning sun. The pumpkin and apricot flowers bring white blooms and the brilliant orange of amazing sunflowers add their own flash of colour.

This is one of the most beautiful places to visit and is fast becoming recognized by the tourists who now travel here, in search of something a little bit different. This is a holiday of a different kind. Peaceful and languid, the hillsides are home to the H’Mong, ethnic minority people. Their lifestyle has remained unchanged for generations. They are happy to welcome visitors and home stay type holidays are becoming increasingly common.

An unusual sight to greet your eyes will be the European cattle. Thousands were brought here from the Netherlands to the Moc Chau state run farm, which was established in 1958. The Friesian dairy herd provides milk for the population of Hanoi.

The plateau is a lovely place to visit all year round, though it can be argued that it is in the winter months, when the mist rolls in, that it really comes into its own. There can be few more beautiful views in the world than looking across on of the valleys here from a high vantage point above the level of the mist. The whole area takes on an ethereal beauty; it is truly a magical spot.

Moc Chau Plateau is fast becoming a welcome addition to the tourism business of Hanoi. Already having Sapa and Halong Bay amongst the many reasons to visit. Moc Chau is now beginning to pull in the tourists of its own accord. Its close proximity being just a few hours away, make it a very desirable proposition, for adventure seekers and trekkers.

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