Expiring passport

Using my British passport, I have lived and worked continuously in HCM as a teacher for five years, and need to renew my work / temp residence permits. I have dual citizenship; British and Irish. Unfortunately my British passport expires this September, the Irish one expires on 2023. Can I still renew my papers with only there to four months validity on my British passport? If so, I will do this then renew my passport. If not, how could I use my Irish passport for this purpose. Regards Steve

Asked by Steve, 2016-05-20 14:22:34



Vietnam Immigration of Department require at least 6 month validity on your passport for renewal. There are 2 options for you:

1. Renew your UK passport, then apply or extend for a new visa.

2. Use your Irish passport to apply new visa and use it for your work in HCM city.

Hope this helps!