Vietnam query re visa application (2)

Hello. We will be travelling 4 people by cruise. Many port of calls are in Vietnam. 23DEC - HALONG BAY, VIETNAM 24DEC - At sea 25DEC - DA NANG, VIETNAM 26DEC - DA NANG, VIETNAM 27DEC - NHA TRANG, VIETNAM 28DEC - PHU MY, VIETNAM Can you please confirm if we need a single or a multiple entry for Vietnam? Another thing, I tried starting the application, however the options of entry are airports. Where can we find the appropriate application form which includes ports? Regards, Janice

Asked by Janice Mercieca, 2019-10-15 13:06:50


Hi Janice,

Thanks for your question.

Thid kind of visa (visa on arrival) only applicable for air travel only, it does not work for travel by land or sea. If you visit Vietnam by cruise, you need to apply for a visa in person at the nearest Vietnamese embassy AND a single entry visa is enough for you because you do not leave Vietnam during the trips.

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