visa for VN

have multiple entries and 1-3 mos duration of the visa; this is processed at the airport, and we don't send our passports to anyone? is this as safe as using service that sends docs with passport to NY Consulate?? do you handle Cambodia? is there any prob getting into VN if visa is done at airport? what are chances re refusal for entry?

Asked by emily martinsen, 2013-07-18 17:21:31


Visa on arrival is valid for both single and multiple entry in the 1 -3 months duration.

By ordering visa online, you will receive the approval letter via email then you can pick up full visa at Vietnam airport with no hassle.

99% visitors can enter Vietnam without any prob, however, sometimes they can be refused because incorrect information on approval letter or application was declined by Immigration Dept. In such case, we will notify them immediately.

When you apply online, you don't need to send your passport or any other documents away. This is ultimately safe and reliable. 

We don't handle Cambodian visas, you can Google for "visa for Cambodia", there are many travel agents do that service.


Linda Tran