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Visa application

I will be arriving in Saigon from Phnom Penh. Can I get a visa on arrival?

Asked by Christina Parkinson, 2015-01-08 02:29:53

Single Entry vs. Multiple Entry

I recently applied fro a visa as 3 month mutiple entry. If I want to leave Vietnam to visit a neighboring country, i.e. Cambodia, or Thailand, and to return to Vietnam, can I do so with a single entry?

Asked by Thomas Rand Wilson, 2015-01-08 01:46:57


Tôi đi du lịch qua Mỹ, tôi ở lại bên Mỹ đã 6 năm. Visa cuả Việt Nam cấp đã hết hạn. Bây giờ tôi muốn trở về VN, Tôi có cần phải xin lại Visa của toà Đại sứ VN hay không..? Thành thật cảm ơn.

Asked by Kim Nguyen, 2015-01-08 01:35:05

Question about visa recent application

I sent to you a visa application for me and my wife Heidi. Is it possible to get a confidential visa letter with just our 2 names listed? I did not see a place to request that on the online application website.Please let me know if there is an extra fee for that.

Asked by Steven Louis McNeal, 2014-12-22 04:23:56