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Vietnam Airport Map

1. Tan Son Nhat airport at Ho Chi Minh City (SGN).

There are 2 passenger terminals: Domestic Terminal and International Terminal. The terminals are separate, connected by a sheltered walkway. The International terminal has 4 levels, and contains 4 business-class lounges, restaurants and shops. All they have prices adjusted to Western standards.

- Level 1 & 2 are Arrival levels: Level 1 includes house Customs and baggage claim; level 2 includes house Immigration, arrivals gates 9, 14, 18, & 19, and transfer counter near gate 18.

- Level 3 are Departure level with check-in counters A-H, Customs, Immigration, and security checkpoints heading to gate 15, 14, 9, 18 &19. The bus lounge is gate 10, 11 & 12.

- Level 4 are the Daisy lounges.


After you end up your flight, you will walk to the Immigration, here; you can pick up your visa upon arrival. You will show them the print-out of the approval letter, your passport with at least 6 month validity, 2 photos in passport size and the filled Entry/Exit form. Just wait around 15-20 minutes to get your passport stamped inside.  Then proceed to baggage claim, and pass through Customs area. And now you can take taxi or bus to downtown.


You will go to level 3 for check-in and baggage check at counters A to H (H has carry-on inspection), then across Immigration (show your passport and immigration card), next to security check and go on plane through gate 9 to 20, except bus gate 10, 11, and 12.


- Transiting at Tan Son Nhat airport to other country need to complete the check-in process at the transfer counter situated in the center of the Arrival level, and do not go through Immigration check.

- Transiting at Tan son Nhat airport to a domestic airport need to complete arrivals procedures and then go to the domestic terminal nearby and check in at your connecting airline's counter.


2. Noibai airport at Hanoi Capital.

There are 2 passenger terminals: Domestic terminal and International terminal.


Once you disembark your plane, go to Immigration area. If you need to pick up your visa on arrival head to the VOA desk, present all your prepared things including the print-out of the pre-approval letter, passport with more than 6 month validity, 2 passport sized photos, and the complete Entry/Exit form. You will wait about 15-20 minutes to get your passport back with the visa stamped inside. Through Immigration, you come next to Baggage claim, and then through Customs which is just on your right. Let catch taxi or bus to centre city.


Your luggage will be screened at the first floor domestic terminal. Now, you go on the second floor for international check-in and baggage check, afterward through Immigration area on the left; here you need to present your passport and immigration card. Finally, you can complete the procedure of Security check and enter the Departures Lounge.


Transfer passenger: Transfer desk is out of the arrival tunnel. There are airlines staffs and immigration officers at transfer desk. Airlines staffs will check-in and guide transfer passenger to international flight.


3. Danang airport at Danang City.

There are also 2 terminals including domestic and International.


After landing at Danang airport, you head to the baggage claim area. If you need to pick up your visa on arrival straight to the VOA desk, fill in the Entry/Exit form and hand them the pre-approval letter, your passport, 2 photos in passport size, then pay for the stamping fee. It takes around 15-20 minutes to get your passport back with the visa stamped inside. Then, go through Immigration to Customs area. Now, you can find a taxi into the city centre.


You will complete all the check-in on the ground floor of the terminal building. Then, you must do the immigration procedures before heading into the departure lounge. And you will need to go through one more security checkpoint at the boarding gate, afterwards you can board your flight.